The former wife continued the hearing…..

The other side called me early this morning, TELLING me that they are continuing the hearing.  I said nope, I’m ready to go forward.

After much wrangling all day, they continued the hearing.I said, ” I object to that”.

They said they understoodd that and notified the court of my objection, as well as my objection to improper service.   They claimed to have attempted to serve me personally but that’s hard to believe as I rarely leave my home.

Anyway, they then started to inform me that they are going to object to my service of my paperwork to them, that it was not within the 10 days of the hearing.  They even asked me, “isn’t that right”?

We’re supposed to get it within 10 days of the hearing?  I said, gee I don’t know, you’re the law office, not me.  Moreover I’m not even a party to the matter and without an attorney I figure the judge is going to give me lots of slack.

Then I told them,  “well you just bought yourself and your client another 6 weeks to prepare a rebuttal to my response.”

They said, “I guess so”.

I  said, “I hope you go through my response with a fine toothed comb and do a better rebuttal than you did on your initial pleadings.”  They actually laughed and said, ” I hope so too.”

So the former wife still gets to tie me up in limbo as the one married to her ex husband when he died.  She continues on her merry way with having no impact on her life whatsoever from my husband’s death and I’m still locked in litigation with her for 113k.

God Bless America huh…and the Family Court…what a circus

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