Yet Another Hearing!

So, yesterday when I posted the bulletin that the hearing had been continued I was mad.  I felt that former wife had won round two. Round one being the actual lis pendens against the house as well as the lawsuit.

Round two, she got a continuance to June 26th…a whole 34 days later.  I believed it was poppycock and an attempt on her part and her attorney’s to prepare a rebuttal.  I still believe that.  However, they did expect me to sit on my hands and just accept that they have all the control. 
And I did for an hour or two  until my daughter came bursting the room with bible in hand and said, “mom, I was just reminded of this. The parabel of the persistant widow.  There was a judge in the land that did not fear God and he didn’t care of rht people.  One day a widow approached the judge and asked for justice against with this dispute against my enemy.  The judge got so sick of her, as she just wouldn’t quit seeking justice that the judge gave her what she asked for.  Justice.
So, I took that as a sign from God, as I am a widow with enemies..namly my husband’s first wife and my husband’s parents.  Also I was informed yesterday that our judge is lazy and not likely to read my response in total.  Therefore I decided after an hour or so of extreme frustration to not quit yet.  So I got in my car and drove down to the courthouse, ready to do battle…like Michael….my husband’s name too.  Anyway, as I was sitting outside the courtroom where a man who doesn’t me whatsoever has the power to give my things away a guy walked up, knocked on the door and babbled something, barely understandable to the bailiff, however I thought I detected the attorney’s name.  And then I saw my name scribbled on a post it note.  
 I knew the arrogance of the attorney’s office just could not succeed without me attempting some interference.  Therefore I  knocked on the courtroom door, the bailiff came out and I identified myself and told her that I object to a continuance.Finally after about 95 hours, which was only 35 minutes passed…we were all allowed into the inner santium of Judge S…aka dept 10.We were the third case called.  They said the first wife’s name and then stopped.  The clerk started talking to the judge, the judge asked who hasn’t been served?  Because he had my response so he became confused. 
The bailiff advised to stand up and make a fool out of myself or talk to the judge which ever mood I was in…lol…not really, she invited to answer.   So I did. 
I stood up, the judge noticed I babbled, he talked.  He then said he “read my response….that it was a little long” and that I had repeated myself, which was unnecessary. 
I apologized and he said, “no need to apologize you did a good job, it was just a little long.  I read it last night.”   Interesting that he read it at all as he’s been known as a lazy judge most of his career.
I then responded that “good at least I know you’ve read it.” 
I told him that it was their motion and they should be here, I’m here, ready to answer, ready to go. 
He said “I am very well aware of who’s motion it is.  But the attorney has a doctors appointment.  There’s not much I can do.” 
I then said, well they’ve had this on file since March, now they want a continuance until the end of June, I need some relief.” 
He said, “I know this is important to you and you want to get this done, believe so do I.  But you don’t have the house listed for sale or I’d have that attorney in here now.” 
Well I can’t sell the house because of the lis pendens. 
He said, I understand that, but there’s nothing I can do.” 
I said, I need some relief here. 
He said, ” what’s one or two weeks”? 
I responded then that it isn’t a one or two weeks that it’s 34 more days.  One or two weeks I can live with. 
The judge told his clerk, “contact the attorney’s office and find out why they want that date so far out.”   
He told me to sit down.  So I got entertained by a bunch of banana heads where one wife really annoyed everyone, including the judge…who spun in his chair and looked out the window he was so frustrated.After about another 45 minutes or so of waiting and me beginning to wonder if I heard right.The judge, in between hearing cases asked his clerk if she had talked to the attorney’s office.  She had and a new date was assigned.  The judge looked at me and told May 30th at 8:30 a.m.   He apologized to me for keeping me waiting as well as the inconvience of being there.

Kewl….one week, with memorial day involved….great.  Because they didn’t read my response enough to rebut yet…today they didn’t think they had to…then they are closed on Friday, sat, sun and Monday is a holiday..Tuesday is the only day they can prepare a rebuttal to me…and Wednesday is the hearing.  Now they had all the time in the world to prepare their original lawsuit, which I answered and quite frankly it was lousy…and that’s being nice…misspelled court cases…significant words left out of case citations, etc…….I won this round…they don’t get 34 days to prepare a rebuttal…they get one or two…if they really work at it.

Wednesday May 30…is the next hearing!

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