Insanity v. The Widow Conclusion MAYBE

As  you all know,  the two hearings, aka Insanity vs. the Widow were supposed to be on calendar today.

Remember also last week I discovered by my friend Alina’s efforts that both hearings were off calendar due to the two attorney’s bad lawyering..WELL, Alina wanted to go to the court today to see if my loving and dedicated and loyal  inlaws and my stepson and his wicked mother aka Insanity as well as Mike’s aunt would show up.  Really to see if they knew what I knew.Alina did nothing to hide her appearance.  She wore a baseball cap and maybe sunglasses, but she’d have to take those off in the courtroom..The DNA and Insanity  didn’t know what I knew.  They all showed up.  But late..

Then as predicted their attorney’s showed up.

They all filed into the courtroom, Alina right along with them!.

One of the attorney’s asked to have the matter heard.

The judge said, “oh that matter that’s off calendar.”

The attorney’s bickered a bit with the judge telling him that I had signed the stipulation continuing both hearings until today.  That is of course true.  However, it’s also true that the judge never saw that stipulation until after the two hearings were taken off calendar.

SO, instead of arguing in public they all went into judges chambers.  Now the judge had said in court that obviously Rose looked online and saw both matters were not on calendar.  Is she here?  Lol…oh no she’s not there!  Am I stupid?  Nope.  It’s a chess game with a prize of $130,000 at stake.  I think about my moves.  I knew that if I did show up today, even though I didn’t have to that there was a high probability that the two attorneys would argue that I knew of the new date and that I was there so put the matter on calendar and let the judge make his decision, on the record which he already told us in July….which is that Mike owes it, and he’s going to order me to pay it..

The judge would likely have done that.  BUT me being unrepresented, aka Pro Per have every right to rely on what the judge’s clerk tells me and the filing clerk and the court case on line..which was that the matters were taken off calendar I simply did not show up!.

They came out of judges chambers and the attorney’s, and each of them,  motioned to their respective clients to come out into the hallway. Alina called me…(see why I have a cell phone with no camera?  So I can bring it into the courthouse!) she told me “they are so stupid!  I sat on the bench right next to Insanity.  The DNA were talking openly about the cases to each other.  Alina sitting there as if she was invisible.  Each attorney told their client that there was no charge for today.  Oh you bet your behind there isn’t.  The attorneys both know they screwed up royally, but by telling their clients there’s no charge they hope their clients won’t find out how their own attorneys screwed them!

I think I’ll send a letter to my loving, loyal and dedicated inlaws telling them that they do have a proper cause of action against their attorneys.  And here’s the why of it, and here’s the proof of it!  525 L Street, xxxxxxxx, CA …

Anyway while Alina was sitting there, as Alina says, “I felt like I was in a Where’s Waldo photo!”  They couldn’t see me though I was right next to them!”  Weird huh?  And yes, they all know Alina. Ryan sure does as he spent a lot of time with her during the week after Mike died and the month after that. So he knows her..

The attorneys said, “don’t worry, we’re going to get the court to do all the work to bring this matter back to court.  No charge to you.”  they will eat and pay the filing fee for the re-filing of the Order To Show Cause without ever telling their clients that they themselves screwed up, or their offices did.  Right.

The court isn’t going to work for them!  What they will do, what they HAVE to do is this.  Re-file all the pleadings. Starting at the beginning; but remember dear readers, that does nothing to change that the statute of limitations has ended!

I knew they’d tell my inlaws that it was all my fault.  And they did.  The attorneys accused me of deliberately delaying the proceedings.  Oh that’s true, or it was, that’s how we wound up on December 17th.  Because of the statute of limitations of November 4th.  But that bell has already clanged. …can’t pull that sound back out of the air!.

I knew the attorneys would tell their clients that they will fix the technical error and bring the matter back into court ASAP.  And they will then of course ask the court to sanction me for messing with the procedures.  Hahahaha, fat chance of that flying..

Now, here’s where they are going next.  All because Alina was sitting there we know this.

First my loving, loyal and dedicated mother in-law Teresa asked Ryan’s attorney if he’d received her letter.

“Yes”, Mickey responded.

“I cried when I read it.”

Teresa, “well I cried when I wrote it.  I guess I just needed to vent.”

Boy oh boy three guesses on what Teresa wrote about.  How Rose killed her beloved son and how Rose was mean and nasty to them while their beloved son was dying…..blah, blah, blah.  I’ll never see that letter.  Don’t want to either.

The next phase of the saga is now Mike’s Last Will and Testament–as was discussed in the courthouse hallway this very day.  Teresa or Bob claimed that the signature on the first page is different than the signature on the other pages.  (there is NO signature on the first page).

Bob said something about the Will being the wrong one. That there’s another one.

Mickey asked “what are you saying?  That there’s another Will? How do you know that?”  “Because, ” my loving and dedicated and loyal father in law said, “that’s not what Mike told me he was going to do.”.

But Ryan my drug abusing stepson did remark about the initials on each page.

Now no worries, dear readers, I have a SWAT member of the sheriff’s department and his loving teacher wife who witnessed Mike signing his Will.  Moreover I have photographs taken later that same night, with the date stamp on the pic where Mike is keeping score of our SPADES card game that we played.  So Mike was very lucid. He knew what he wanted to do.

AND if they want to they can probate Mike’s Will, but it won’t change things.  Alina overheard one of the parties, the attorney or my loving and dedicated and loyal in-laws asking one of their attorney’s to contact Rollin (my boss) to get the original of the Will.  Lol…Rollin didn’t prepare Mike’s Will, I did!.

So they can call all they want. They can pretend that there is another Last Will and Testament, signed by Michael McKeever, leaving all his wealth to his only son Ryan.  Or they can accept the fact that there is only one Will and Mike had 3 children and he did what he wanted to do. Moreover my boss has already said that he’d testify about a conversation he had with Mike after his diagnosis that Mike’s main concern was me.

That Mike wanted to make sure I had all the help I needed and that I would be protected against an attack from Insanity….as my boss told me today, “Becky is going to go after Rose with an ax.  I want to make sure that doesn’t happen.”.

Am I done with their games?  Oh yeah.  But are they done with me? oh no.  not by any long shot.  Today I’ll prepare a pleading wherein I tell them and the court that I withdraw as the family court stipulated upon representative of Michael M, Respondent and his estate.  That I have no interest or involvement in Case No. SBFSS 23xxx and to not bother me any longer!.

So ends the latest chapter of INSANITY v. THE WIDOW.   Stay tuned for the next installment!

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