The Black Tide

 When the biased pundits declared that Obama had flipped the state of Ohio from red to blue I just starred at the screen.  I got the almost overwhelming sick feeling deep in my stomach…..actually my heart and soul.

There it is.  Didn’t need to watch any further.  No president has gotten to the white house without winning Ohio.   How come Obama is in the lead?  Well it’s early yet the white people haven’t gotten off work.  I starred….wondering as many christians do, is he the antichrist? or perhaps he’s the false prophet?

You see, in my opinion, this whole stock market, financial arena…the needed bail outs of old established companies is by no coincidence.  Curious isn’t it?  How the stock market started to act really wacky as voting day arrived? When McCain was holding his own?  What better way to ensure that the incumbent party does not get reelected?  Hit people where it counts most..their bank accounts. 

For 12 days straight the market was low…then a flurry of activity occurred during the last hour.  An absolute maddening flurry of activity.  Then the market closed! The pundits report nightly that the market is worse and still worse today.  People in their closed ungodly minds freak out, take their money out of accounts (running of the banks?) start to not purchase high priced items…the economy starts to suffer.  Immediately.  Then again the next day, same thing. its worse today than yesterday. Oh my what will we do? What about my retirement? on and on it went.  Fed to us by the gleeful media with their frozen smiles  (how do they report about major carnage or families being murdered in their sleep with a smile on their faces?!)

For 12 days straight…continuing on sporadically. Financial terrorism in its purest form. How conveniently timed too.  So McCain had no chance after that.  The country stupidly blamed Bush personally and Republicans generally for the problem. Gee watch now how wonderful all things will be  pffffftttt.  Curious George in office now.  Look at him….those big ears, that fake smile…put a yellow suitcase in his hand instead of that stained, abused, forgotten constitution and you have your president B. Hussein O. 

All members, past and present of the NRA are hereby ordered to get their weapons–whether they be black powder guns, M16’s, Smith & Wessons, Winchester rifles, Colt .44, it matters not–make your way, quietly but safely and report to the white house immediately for a coon is trying to get in.

Ok. So maybe he isn’t the antichrist. Maybe he isn’t the false prophet.  He is the shining example those for all of us who wait and watch and pray to be ready for the rapture to come that it is coming.  If he isn’t the leader of that event then he has certainly proved that he is capable of paving the way.   How did this dark day come to pass anyway?  Well B. Hussein O’s team managed to sign up more American’s (black coincidently) to vote.  THEN his “handlers” managed to get them to actually vote.   Assuming they didn’t register their dog or cat of course.  Was that smart? Evidentially.  Was it calculating, without any doubt.  The pundits have already started educating us ignorant white people.  Get to hear all about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. Ok…why not go back to Harriet Tubman for crying out loud?

Let us not mention the fact that black people, though they have put MLK on a pedestal they certainly do not follow his words.  His words were about love, don’t hate.   Compassion, understanding, all the things everyone claims to want in the world. But don’t really want because that would mean having to behave properly.   MLK chronically worried and spoke about the day that black people would find equality and that they should not forget where they came from.  That he was afraid black people would not appreciate any of the lessons they have learned.  That they would turn the table and become the oppressors of the white man.  Well, well well.  Since last night the movie the Planet of the Apes has been playing in my head.  Charlton Heston (NRA president?! OMG!) being controlled by mindless apes (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton?) gawwww. 

Now of course the “African American” (a term I use sarcastically and loosely) can no longer say that they can’t do anything.  They cannot claim that they have to stay on welfare, that they are discriminated against.  If B Hussein Obama can do it…a guy coming out of the woodwork, a virtual unknown 10 years ago from Hawaii, then all black people can rise above their humble beginnings and take over the world! or their little niche of it.   Now understand this.  I do not consider myself racist and don’t care if others think I am.  I do not believe that it was ever right that poor Rosa Parks had to ride in the back of the bus.   That was just wrong. Brown vs Board of Education was a good decision. Affirmative action, while a good idea at the time maybe even necessary is now passé. 

Equal Opportunity Employment…what does that mean exactly?  That those “minorities” get a an equal opportunity to sit around and collect their paycheck for little to no work.  Those that check the census box designating themselves “white” can tell you about opportunities that passed them by simply because of those silly quotas.  Gotta give that job to a minority so the big bad government doesn’t give us a hefty fine. So sorry.  But listen middle America white man, just go on the welfare system to feed your family, it’s worked for “African Americans” so well, why not give it shot?  Because there’s no money left!  The Democrats gave it all away to others.

I’ve decided I’m changing my tax deductions from my paycheck and I am not going to file my income tax returns anymore.  I do not want these democrats giving any more of my $1.29 a week take home pay to all those undeserving people with their overly inflated sense of entitlement and the world-owes-them attitudes.  Do they really need those $350 sneakers?  How do they afford them while being on the welfare roles?  Alas that is a question that will remain unanswered.  I predict with my broken crystal ball that one of the first things B. Hussein O does with his new found power is to order all insurance companies and the Fortune 500 companies to pay out reparations to the black people.   Give ’em the money that they are due.   Except, there’s some problems with that.   Are these people living today due money from something that happened well before their generation was a twinkle in their daddy’s eye?  I say no.  But who am I… except some idiot snowball in a storm of darkness.   However, B. Hussein O may not care about fairness, right and wrong and all that boring stuff.   He has an aunt here illegally, will she be deported? LOL…don’t bet on that.   What about those half siblings that were kept secret from the world until today when he was declared the king…err the leader of the minorities….errr the president of the United States?  Those half siblings fathered by the man who fathered our dark knight.  Half siblings that are Muslim born from a Muslim father.  Would that information been persuasive to some that voted?  Probably so given the situation with Iraq and all those countries.

Americans don’t trust easily do they?  I think Americans would have a huge hurdle to leap over…not one grounded in faith though….before they’d want a Muslim leading this country to its demise.  Then there’s that pesky detail of our military.  Once again as with the Bush election our American troops do not get a say in who is their commander in chief. 80% of our military ballots will not be counted. AGAIN.   What is the excuse this time?  Well the same excuse actually– it worked once why not use it again?  They didn’t get their ballots in on time.   Or better yet there is no way to prove that those ballots came from the military personnel who claim to have voted.   My oh my isn’t that convenient?  We’ve got approximately 1 million military members plus their families….wow!  That’s a lot of votes.  You really want to believe that those million plus people would have voted for Curious George over a former veteran who was held as a prisoner of war?  Which candidate can you really think would sympathetic to our military?  Today though by the very fact that we have a half black person with questionable allegiances, a murky background and unstated platform, the afro-Americans have an equal opportunity to prove themselves finally.  To prove themselves to be a functioning contributing part of society.  But will they?  Time will tell.  History dictates that no, they won’t.  Now those complaining lazy black folks (which is not all of them of course but they are the ones who scream the loudest and longest) have a leader in the WHITE house which may now should be viewed as a Section 8 housing.  I wonder how many families B. Hussein Obama will actually fit into his new home.

Seriously though we already know the answer there.  Just one.  His own.  He wants to help everyone he claims but that doesn’t include sharing his own ebony and ivory tower does it? One who can only relate to half of their concerns given that he’s only half black. Hey, does that mean “African Americans” only need to listen to half of what he says? B. Hussein O isn’t African American just like so many of those that claim to be. I haven’t heard of anyone in Africa telling him to come on home bro, we miss you. I believe B. Hussein O is racist though he tried to hide it a little last night in his acceptance speech.  If you reversed the speaker to a white man and that man spoke of all the good things now going to happen for the white people FINALLY, well there’s no doubt about it, the pundits would scream at the top of their lungs that the white man was a racist and call for his forced retirement. No apologies accepted thank you very much just go away.

But Obama stood in front of the world insisting that the black people finally have an answer to their question…can I? Yes you can according to their leader, yes you can make it in this country. I’m proof of it. Will the “African American, Kwanzaa celebrating people hearken to their leader’s words?  Naw…that would require effort on their part.  It would also require them to finally look at themselves for change rather than blame the white man for the oppression that their great great great great grandparents may or may not have suffered.  My family for one did not own slaves.  My mother came to this wonderful, free, unintelligent, sedated country when she was in her 20s.  Her parents and grandparents and so on did not own slaves iin their mother country.  They worked a farm, grew their own food and took advantage of no one. My father’s family was too poor to own slaves.  Truth is they were the equivalent to indentured servants themselves though they where white.  Therefore I cannot be held responsible for the slavery that occurred. Was it right? Absolutely not.  No man has the right to have dominion over another. However let us not turn a blind eye to the fact that black men where heavily involved in the slave trade. For a few coins a black man sold out his own relatives if we buy into the notion that all black American’s genesis was Africa.

I make no apologies for what I think, feel and write. After all this country’s soil was soaked with the blood of men fighting for my right to think, feel, opine and certainly orate freely without censorship.  Even today our soldiers continue to fight that good fight.  My husband did his time in the miitary, my father did too.  My son now is serving in the United States Army enlisted to help that fight…that fight that guarantees our right to freedom of speech!  Lee Greenwood’s career was brought back to life after 9-11 by singing over and over his song “Proud to Be American” I can honestly say that today I declare I am not proud to be an American I am embarrassed.

May God bless and keep the United States of America in this new dawn of darkness.

2 thoughts on “The Black Tide

  1. Please, use a paragraph every so often. I got a few sentences in, and the combination of a ‘no-pauses-for-breath’ single paragraph and a lack of references–the “absolute maddening flurry of activity” and other claims made without any evidence behind them–and I couldn’t finish.

    I don’t mean to be rude, and I’ll check back, and if this article is a bit more credible and readable, I will do my best to give an honest response to the author’s statements. However, I am not going to make myself plod through it as it is.

    Thank you.


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