Lonely AND alone

I’m lonely and alone and I don’t understand it.  Why?  Am I alone?  I’m not that bad of a person, I’m not selfish, self-centered nor stingy like so many people I know.  Or I should say I used to know.

I don’t know people anymore.  Apparently, no one wants to know me either.  But why not?  That’s what I ask myself.

I am well informed of the adage, “you want a friend be a friend..”  I have done that.  Alas I must have been a friend to the wrong type of people.

Seems a common feature that people remember me when they need some advice or free work.  To just be friends though, to hang out, to ask me how I am is something that people in the Wastelands I live in is just something that is beyond their capacity.  While I know they are stupid, simple and maybe even boring, it wouldn’t hurt my day if I knew they cared about ME.

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