I am stuck!

Stuck (Caro Emerald song)

Its 1:30 in the afternoon and but for getting coffee, going to the bathroom and getting beer I have not gotten out of bed!  I feel horribly quilty about it.  Though there’s absolutely NO ONE in the entire world that knows I’m still in bed, except me and you.

So why the guilt?

Because I have plants that need watering.  I have dogs that are probably bored and I’m wasting my life away in this king sized bed.  Alone.  That’s where the guilt comes in I suppose.  Maybe even a little shame.

I know many many people have it worse than me. But fuck them!  This is my life and it sucks right now.  So I play video games online, wander through this ridicously large house, have the TV on for company and lay in my lonely bed at mid-day and feel wasteful.

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