I found your list to be pretty darn funny.
Primarily because you hit the nail on the head on each point. I think its the stupidest first date ever invented. Ok so I have to sit next to a virtual stranger for at least 2 hours? Yuck! He laughs at something I don’t think funny or vice versa…and that who is going to pay dance is annoying.
It causes me stress that I don’t need so I just assume I’m going to pay. If he lets me buy the tickets I announce he buys the snacks. Honestly? If he asked me to the movies I don’t want to pay at all! I’m old fashioned that way maybe. If so I don’t care!
I HATE doing things alone but being cast into that funky role of widow I find that I have one two choices: 1. Go it alone, or 2. Don’t go.
I can’t stay in the house forever. But going to the movies is safe! It is dark! Being solo at the movie theater you’re almost guaranteed a seat too.
I really don’t give a flying fig what those others in the dark theater might think of me, IF they even notice me.
They haven’t lived my life; they don’t know why I’m there solo and the heck with them if they want to judge or find me lacking in some way

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