8 Days To The Election…

…and I for one am ready for it to be over!  I’m sick of the campaigning, the mud-slinging, the blah blah blah of the media.  Oh please end the pain!

I wonder if the storm Sandy is causing some of the campaign folks to pull out their hair.  Power outages, transportation–airlines, subways, trains, buses, etc–halting;  it must be!  Mother Nature is taking front stage away from the candidates.  lol….there’s a lesson there for us if we dig deep enough I’m sure.

The storm is bearing down on the southern-eastern shores–barely a  week before the presidential election.  Neither candidate, Obama or Romney wanted to be accused of being seen as putting political pursuits ahead of public safety, so they’ve reshuffled their campaign plans. Probably a good idea.

In Virginia, which is one of the most competitive states with 13 electoral votes, election officials eased absentee voting requirements for those affected by the storm.

What does that really mean?  They won’t bother counting them?

Three other closely contested states, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Ohio, are also within Sandy’s ferocious reach.  Maryland and Washington, D.C., both reliably Democratic have apparently also cancelled their early voting.

I wonder whoever wins the election, whether it is Prez Obama or candidate Romney, what they will have to say regarding the impact of the storm on the election process. The winner?  Voters want to see me—the winner in office and not [insert whatever comment slams the loser] and wouldn’t let a little weather prevent them from casting their vote.   Alternatively, the loser can claim voter apathy due to weather, transportation halted, property damage, flooded streets, inability to access the voting place, etc.

My prediction? 

Romney will wait to see what Obama does with the whole event. Will he rush to the aid of displaced common folks?  Remember Bush being criticised for his reaction or lack there of following Katrina,  by people in New Orleans?  Romney will have about a week to issue a statement, whether its to applaud Obama or condemn him–hoping to kick him out of office due to his poor performance.  Under no circumstance will either of the two NOT mention the impact of Sandy on the whole election.

I wonder….

6 thoughts on “8 Days To The Election…

  1. You don’t really buy into the whole politics thing? I don’t. The people keep changing, but somehow the situation only worsens. Even if they do improve something, there’s always a different thing that starts going wrong. (IMHO)


    • I don’t buy into the politics thing. I don’t even see the whole point there. Now I USED to but it really doesn’t matter what I think nor much how I vote. Its the electoral college that actually elects the Prez. I think most Americans don’t even know that. They fell asleep during American Government class or something. The electoral college is comprised of folks that are supposed to follow what each state indicates by way of public vote…but do they? Doesn’t seem like it.

      I agree with you, improve something but something else will go wrong. Its the way of things.


      • You clearly know quite a bit about politics. I just could never muster the interest. I probably slept through that class too! LOL. I secretly think there’s a tiny elite group of people who are running the world and it’s not the presidents or prime ministers or even the royals. But now I’m starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist … maybe it’s the Illuminati! 😉


      • You’re not alone in your conspiracy theory you know. Many, many people think the same way. In fact, my own brother claims–with some internet authority–that Obama is just a puppet in office and a few high powered folks are pulling his strings. My brother is crazy by the way but he believes that theory.

        It cannot be ignored or pretended otherwise that those that are billionaires definitely have more control over the world than us common folks who eat meals we cook ourselves in front of the TV.


      • Yes, my mum’s pretty crazy too, but in her own way some of her outrageous theories seem to have an air of truth about them … They say there’s a fine line between genius and insanity! lol xx


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