Visit a National Historic Landmark Day

Daily Prompt:  Invent a holiday! Explain how and why everyone should celebrate.

This holiday might be best held in April or May, after the cold has gone and before it gets hot in certain areas.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of sites to visit across the United States.  Some are free to the public some charge a fee.  On this day all sites give free admission to everyone, regardless of age.

A National Historic Landmark (NHL) is a building, site, structure, object, or district, that is officially recognized by the United States government for its national historical significance. A National Historic Landmark District (NHLD) is a historic district that is recognized as an NHL. Its geographic area may include contributing properties that have buildings, structures, sites or objects, and it may include non-contributing properties.

Click pic for link to NHL program

How many people tell themselves that they will go to see [insert landmark here] one day?  They tell themselves, maybe even promise themselves that one day when they have the time, the money or the energy they will go.  But it seems we rarely make a point to find the time, the money or the energy to visit a historical landmark.  There is likely a landmark that is within driving distance of each of us.   However, in this busy society rarely is it that we make time to go see these sites. There’s always another day.  If we make it a national holiday then people will put it on their calendar or calendars will come pre-printed with that day; they will ensure to take the day off from work or since it’s a national holiday it’s an automatic day off without charge against vacation or sick leave; schools will close to allow parents to bring their children along.

After all, going to visit a historical site can easily be educational so our students wouldn’t miss out on learning.  We would likely learn something too!  If the admission is free it would be a further incentive and might even encourage those that are financially strapped to be able to spend a day doing something different, educational, fun and even family friendly.

There are landmarks that are places, areas, museums, boats, mountain ranges, gardens, residences and more—something for everyone, regardless of area interest.  Certainly, visiting a landmark could broaden one’s horizons and interests.

Our historic landmarks are part of our history yet they are something we often ignore unless we are officially on “vacation”.  Certainly those landmarks aren’t going anywhere but they aren’t going to come to you, why not go to it?

4 thoughts on “Visit a National Historic Landmark Day

  1. May sounds good. We can celebrate your Visit a National Historic Landmark Day the same weekend we celebrate my Family Heritage Day and really make the past present.

    We visited some local landmarks, but since I am not born of this area it is hard to connect. I enjoyed reviewing your Lists of…link. Thank you for including it.


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