My Oasis Is A Harley

DAILY PROMPT:  A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

For me an oasis is something that provides a respite, some relief, or maybe just a pleasant break from the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life and that can be anywhere. Sometimes just in my head while reading or daydreaming.

At one time my oasis was my home but things change and now my home isn’t always enough to help me remember or discover who I am.

So I ride. I own three Harley Davidson motorcycles and each one serves a different purpose.  One is for short “putts” though I’ve taken it on inter-state trips; one is definitely for the long road trips; the other one is a monster with 100cu engine and I use that when I’m riding with men who think they are badass–until they try to race me on the monster and lose.  They are humbled!   LOL   Its all in good fun.

SOMETIMES I TAKE A SHORT RIDE:  To a local lake 20 minutes from home…


 SOMETIMES I GO ON A DAY LONG RIDE: To an popular, albeit infamous “ride to” location.

   Anithe lookout

 (They brag: Great ride, great food, great view, great people and lousy serviceBut we DO have cold beer, and a web-site! )



 Road trip to Mammoth, CA

I pick a direction on a whim and head that way.  Since I’m on a motorcycle the weather is sometimes a factor.  Getting caught in the rain or snow is one thing but starting out in that is quite another!

I have my iPod fully charged, put the earplugs in and just ride!

It requires some concentration to use both hands and feet (shifting–left hand/left foot and brakes or throttle–right hand/right foot) and steering through the crazy drivers.   Or natural problems one encounter on the road; i.e., I found myself driving through Yosemite National Park at 11:00pm.  It was dark, cold, on windy roads with signs that warn us about deer crossing and icy roads (even though it was July there was still 6 feet of snow on the side of the road), falling rocks and temperature less than zero, or so it seemed with wind-chill.

But that is really the oasis!  Anything that might be distracting, worries, stress, anxiety, sadness, etc., those emotions all get shoved aside during the ride.


If that’s not enough then the iPod is playing in my ears soothing the raging beast and drowning out the loud engine or pipes that might be screaming in my ear.  When I get off the bike the problems are smaller and in better perspective then when I got on the bike and all is right in the world once again!


14 thoughts on “My Oasis Is A Harley

  1. Bikes are built for this sort of escapism aren’t they. I don’t have mine any more but I happily remember the feeling of solitude and an almost zen like calm when cruising through the countryside. Yours are beautiful, I had a couple of sports bikes which suit the UK roads much better than Harleys, but if I was in the US then I would have a Harley any day 🙂


    • Oh Rob there’s sport bikes all over the place here. Crazy loons speeding through traffic like death is chasing them down! I’ve come up on what we call a “rice rocket” sitting at a red light. I always ask ’em wanna race? Once in a while they’ll take me up on it. But they just don’t know!!! A girl on a bike is going to be easy to beat they probably tell themselves. But they don’t beat me out of the light and my bikes are modified a bit, read here FAST and I beat them or they lose their nerve and back off. Its all fun. You are right when you say its almost zen like calm. There’s nothing much like it. Maybe horseback riding comes close.


      • lmao! Right? I’ve had people ask me, “how do you decide which to drive for the day?” Monday this one, Tuesday that one, Wednesday the black one, Thursday the truck, Friday is whimsy and the weekends the bikes! Options! Its what we should all strive for. Besides it is handy if one gets a flat or won’t start for whatever emotional problem the machine is suffering from for the moment…


      • Lol I just have the one car… Violet Annie 🙂 And before that I used to walk…. if you can imagine such a thing! I am somewhat lost without her now but luckily she doesn’t seem to have come with too many emotional problems 😉


      • Oh I remember that walking thing. I used to do it. Hey for the record I also have a BICYCLE that gets used once every blue moon. Violet Annie…lmao…cute. I’ve never found a name for my vehicles. Maybe you’ve hit on something important. If I named them then they’d feel appreciated, recognized and behave better.


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