There Is Always A Creepy Guy

I was feeling slightly down today mixed with some restlessness and nonspecific anxiety.   It’s all irrational and I know it but that doesn’t stop those feelings from swirling about.

Naturally, I checked the liquor cabinet and noted that my writing tools, aka rum, vodka, ice, etc., was running low! F036CLiquorCabinet1

So I had to leave the house.  I contemplated that chore.  Oh I don’t want to go out there!

Maybe I can replenish supplies tomorrow.

Yes!  Tomorrow.

No, it needs to be today because the animals in the house that let me live with them were running low on food.

Ok, no help for it then I have to leave and go into “town”.

It was only 10 minutes into my errand when I remembered where my reluctance came from.  People drive like sedated sheep!  Really why are you driving 20 mph in 50 mph speed zone?  Just to annoy me?  Yes I think so.

Someone somewhere watches my house.   They radio all the sedated sheep to get on the road because I am driving.    All those people who have nothing better to do but clutter up the road in front of me apparently all have broken turn signals.  Because they never use them!  Those little ole blue haired ladies that stop in the middle of the intersection blocking all travel in any direction while she tries to decide which way to go, or maybe where she was going are a hazard!

I saw one sign that I had to read a couple of times to make sure I read it correctly.  beverly-farms-2009-repair-homemade-haircuts-700x700 Repaired?  lol…clever advertisement I guess.  Especially if you’ve just given yourself or paid for a bad haircut.

There was strange sights all along my path.  That guy wearing the funky Santa hat or the usual demented suspects.  You can always recognize the insane by the inappropriate clothing they’ve thrown on to present to the world.  When its 20 degrees outside or snowing it isn’t uncommon to see a few people in tee-shirt and shorts with flip-flops or no shoes.  Then there’s the ones that its 110 outside and they are wearing parkas.  I think they must be roasting in that coat!  There are always a bunch of crazy looking people walking up and down the side of the road.  I often see the same people over and over.  They are always walking somewhere.  I never see them arrive at their destination.  Maybe there is no destination and they are just walking–keep moving and those nice young men in their clean white coats won’t catch you!

I arrived at the store without incident.  Though it took 30 minutes to get there because of those sheep I mentioned earlier.  There was once upon a time I could get to where I was going in 10 minutes.  The population has either exploded or everyone is merely sedated and all go slooooowly.

In the back of my mind I was thinking–hoping–I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew.  The odds of that have diminished significantly over the past year.  I don’t seem to know anyone much anymore, though I’m not exactly sure why that is.  But I just didn’t feel like chatting.  I look down the aisles in advance before going down it, looking for someone I might know and not want to talk to.  Last time I was in the store was before Thanksgiving and I ran into three people I knew!  What are the odds?  1,000,000 to 1?  Especially given the time of day.  It was mid-day everyone I used to know works so they should be at their jobs.  What the heck are they doing at the store?!  Drat!  I don’t like making small talk in the store.  I don’t like shopping you see, so I get in, pick up what I need and then get out!  To lengthen the shopping experience with idle chatter just annoys me further.

As the gods would have it though, I was minding my own business when I heard my name called.  Damnit!  Who is that I wondered?  I stood still, concentrating on whatever was on the shelf in front of me, I don’t remember, because I was busily concentrating on pretending to be deaf.  Heard my name again called louder this time.  Oh alright!  I’ll look because obviously I’m not getting away without acknowledging the person.  Oh its HER.  I’ve known this woman for years and years, since when I first moved into this town.  She looks like one of those homeless types but isn’t.  She’s always got a doom and gloom cloud hanging over her head and is just not fun to talk with.  But I did what I was suddenly obligated to do.  Stopped in my tracks and talked with her.  Well listened to her talk actually.  I always let her talk for a while because I’m sifting through my sluggish brain cells and try to remember what her name is.

Ok, she went through her problems, she’s gotten a job–great!  Where she works.  I told her I never go into that store.  Its Wal-Mart and those types of stores just don’t appeal to me.  I think its possible to get lost or go broke in one of those stores that sells everything you could ever imagine needing, wanting or just having for the sake of having.  No thanks.  But at least I know where not to go if I want to avoid her in the future!

I went on my way trying to remember what else I needed that would make the trip more legitimate.  Those bottles of alcohol in the shopping cart do not rise to the level of a legitimate shopping trip in my mind.  Since the list was in my head and I know my memory isn’t as reliable as it used to be I find I have to go up and down the stupidly long aisles and glance at stuff, no don’t need that or that or that or that.    I stop at the end of an aisle and search for the list in my head.  Oh yes I remember I need that.  Why must it be at the other side of the store where I already was?  Just to give me more time in the store for more people to arrive that I might know.  I consider saying forget it, do I really need that sour cream that bad?  Hum….no I do not!

Eventually I got out of the store without running into anyone else, making a mental note of the hours of operation.  Hum….6 a.m. open? Maybe I ought to try that next time.

There are always creepy people that spring up out of no where and just follow me.  creepyIt seems like they are following me anyway and I am not paranoid!

One creepy guy that look like a reject as a Santa’s helper was behind me as I was walking out the door.  I glanced at him and he was staring at me with a frown.  Oh boy.  Let me run through my head on all the safety tips I’ve read to avoid some mishap occurring, theft, harassment, assault, etc., all possible.  Even in broad daylight.  I’m not a scardy cat by any means.  I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with something of that nature.

This guy followed me all the way out of the store to my vehicle.  He could be parked near me except I parked as far away from the store as possible and there were no other vehicles near mine.  Maybe he was just walking in the general direction I was.  Either way it annoyed me.  I wanted to turn to him and say STOP IT!  I didn’t though because just as I was unlocking my truck he veered off in another direction.  Phew!  That’s one assault avoided!  I still looked around for him or others when I returned the cart.  Last thing I was in the mood for was to be startled by some creepy guy that was lurking between cars.

Thankfully I won’t have to do THAT again for a week, maybe even two!

21 thoughts on “There Is Always A Creepy Guy

  1. Oh my goodness, I just noticed that you have less than 200 followers. Would you like me to add your name to my list of nominees for the Liebster Award? (It’s specifically for blogs with less than 200 which is why I got nominated; well that and hopefully my blog is half decent!! LOL) You can check out my blog if you like and let me know. Not sure if you’re into Awards. It seems to be a love or hate kind of thing on WP.


    • lol! I don’t have a big following that’s for certain. Its ok though some is better than none. You just noticed because I’ve changed my blog THEME once again and included that…how many bloggers. Lucky you that you saw it because I might remove it. As that number include FB and Tumblr curiously…

      You blog is more than half way decent! Its one of the first ones I started following in fact. So inspirational, so smart, so interesting. That you have less than 200 followers surprises me. I think you have a LOT of lurkers that simply do not show up.


    • I cannot say YES add me! That would be…I dunno egocentric or self centered or something. You do what you want T…I’ll still be following and reading what you post. 🙂


      • Well I’m adding you! Consider yourself added. I shall stick your name on the list and remove the name of someone who isn’t “into” Awards. Then you can do whatever you like. 🙂

        And thank you for the incredibly kind comments about my blog!! Such an honour! My number is also including FB!! LOL. I’m not terribly popular, what can I say? LOL.

        But you know, I do sometimes glance at those massive blogs, and *some* of them are quite … well I suppose a bit superficial I think. I’m not saying *all* of them, but some. Like a light-hearted magazine. That’s going to appeal to a lot of people, of course, and I can understand why. Easy-reading and all that.

        But our blogs are a bit more intense. We’re bound to attract a smaller crowd – people who are interested in something a little deeper. That’s fine with me. 🙂


      • Yes our blogs are a bit more intense I agree. But you are writing from the heart, drawing writings from your journal and your journey through the therapist-to-be courses…I understand this because my daughter is doing the same thing. I have no excuse…lol…I’m just writing to get the junk out of my head.

        Its ok for me if I attract a smaller crowd because in reality, between you and me, I write for me and catharsis. If others like what I write, it merely validates me. If others don’t like what I write that’s ok too because it isn’t about the readers, for me, not right now but maybe later, its about getting the toxic thoughts out of my head so I can go on with my life.


      • Right on. Oh my, no pun intended! But really it’s true. It’s been proven that writing is therapeutic, and for some reason it feels better to share some of it publicly – well for some people at least. Apparently some people like writing stuff down on paper and then burning it like a ritual, and that’s what works for them. Each to their own, I guess.

        For those who do it publicly, I think that knowing that even one other human being has read it and felt some kind of connection is a special feeling and helps to heal all kinds of stuff that we carry around in our heads and hearts. Your blog is lovely, and your writing is lovely. 🙂


      • Right on. Oh my, no pun intended! But really it’s true. It’s been proven that writing is therapeutic, and for some reason it feels better to share some of it publicly – well for some people at least. Apparently some people like writing stuff down on paper and then burning it like a ritual, and that’s what works for them. Each to their own, I guess.
        It is therapeutic for me although as you probably know I write under a pseudonym. As time goes by I may reveal myself but for now this works for me.
        As far as the burning o the letter. I suggested that to my daughter—she has so many issues regarding her dad—write a letter to him and when we place him in the ground we’ll put that letter in too. You get your thoughts/feelings, impressions out on paper and give it to him without fear of retaliation. She didn’t do as I suggested unfortunately as there remains a negative legacy for her to deal with. 
        I know my blog isn’t lovely, I know the writing isn’t either….thought thank you for saying so. I know I write darkly and I know what I write about is dark too. Relaying in words what has actually happened is dark but my goal is to write about it and then get past it to start writing something happier. It’s a process as you well know and understand. Its just a process and I’m in the “dark” part of the dark.


      • Oh my, I didn’t mean “lovely” like cutsie and adorable. I guess to me that word meant that it’s beautiful, even if that beauty is sometimes dark. Maybe some people can’t see that, but I can.

        I’m off to bed now. Lovely to chat with you! x


      • Instead of superficial to describe those blogs you mentioned, that I have also read. I think a better description is COMMERCIAL. Designed to attract readers, to gain notoriety and potentially earnings. I am completely ok with that but they don’t inspire me much. From the heart–those that write from the heart, regardless of the topic–they inspire me! They let us all know we are not alone in this search for peace and tranquility in our personal lives. THOSE get my “like” and my follow. The rest? pffftttt I hope it works out for you but I can get commercialism in the bookstore, on the TV, on the radio. Stay who you are and you will build a dedicated following….I think you already have actually. One cannot compromise who they are for the sake of a BLOG and a high number of followers for crying out loud! I would much rather have 3 friends I can call 24/7 then 100 “friends” who are there when its convenient for them, when it looks good for them or benefits them.


      • Commercial!! That’s the perfect word. Exactly. And I agree with everything you just said.


  2. Hi Rose, I read this post on my phone earlier. How creepy indeed!! It’s awful when that happens, isn’t it? You get some weirdo freak following you. No offence to the guy above who seemed to be coincidentally walking in the same direction. But there are definitely some weirdos who do it intentionally. Last time it happened to me, (outside small supermarket at night) I took out my mobile phone, phoned my home phone (answering machine) and then proceeded to have a pretend conversation with someone where I was screaming profanities like some wild, spitting, fuming banshee (and also probably a bit insane). Weirdo disappeared real fast. I think they like the fantasy that you’re going to be all weak and pleading with them. It helps to burst their stupid evil fantasy bubble by turning into a she-beast. They don’t like that. Yeah, look who’s the scary freak NOW!! 😉


    • If it were me I wouldn’t call my now disconnected answering machine. As I’ve instructed my daughter, advice I too follow is I dial 911 (emergency system here in the US) and wait. All I have to do is push SEND. Even if something happens they start tracing the call. I know this because my husband installed the 911 system so I know how it works. Even if I was unable to talk they will find me via the GPS that is loaded in my phone.

      Me screaming profanities at someone on the other end of the call wouldn’t have an impact on the criminals that lurk about in this wasteland of a town. They are arrogant and almost always on some drug like methamphetamine which simply dulls their logic among other things. The county I live in has the highest rate of meth addicts and labs in the entire United States; its something a person who isn’t on drugs and minding their own business has to acknowledge and factor into the situation.

      Yeah, look who’s the scary freak NOW!! –lol!!! You go girl!!!
      I know for a fact that it helps to act totally insane/crazed/angry. I learned it a few times while living in NY with my young children. People would come up to me, and as I told my children you never know when you come up to someone crazier than you…these people just didn’t know! I was stressed! A single parent living in New York City in a stressful job racing to and fro..and you want to come up to me and be crazy? I need an outlet too!!! Needless to say I was never robbed, mugged or any other sorted nasty thing that could happen to someone unfamiliar with the nastiness of a big city.

      Why? Because I acted crazier than those perpetrators! Like you did! It works. Meet crazy with angry crazy and get home safe!


      • Oh my goodness, what a dilemma! I can totally understand the logic of phoning 911 and them tracing the mobile phone, but then I’d be worried that I wasn’t doing anything to deter the weirdo. But if you’re dealing with someone who’s high as a kite, then you’re right, their perception of reality will be distorted and who knows what’s going on in their head. There may be nothing that discourages them. Well, we just have to do the best we can.

        One time some freak was following me on an underground train platform and there was *nobody* around anywhere. I was wearing these stupid damn high heels and a tight skirt so I couldn’t run or kick or anything. As he approached from behind, the only thing I could think to do (this was before the days of mobile phones, plus I was underground so no signal anyway) was to reach into my handbag and pull out a small collapsible black umbrella that I had in there. What on God’s green earth I would have done with that, I can’t imagine! LOL. Throw it at the guy I guess!

        But as soon as I pulled it out of my bag and held it to my chest, his footsteps abruptly stopped. I realised that he probably didn’t know what I had pulled out of my bag (just something small and black) and he probably thought I had a weapon. That weird instinct to reach for my umbrella may have saved my life. I’ll never know.


      • lol!!! What I have taught my daughter is “everything can be a weapon”. Your umbrella has a sharp point, no? Stab him in the eye….its about self protection after all. If you can’t reach the head the whack him in the knee, that always hurts! All you need to do is buy a few seconds to run. And those heels? Kick ’em off! One’s safety and potentially life doesn’t require us to have pretty shoes on! I’d rather have cuts on my feet then cuts on my face or worse, throat. Having written that, I’d say that indeed your instinct to reach for that umbrella may have prevented any physical damage to you. It IS a weapon when used properly under the circumstances. Besides you probably presented as a weak female until you waved that umbrella about! My experience is that most criminals, attackers, are cowards. When faced with someone who isn’t willing to be a victim they look elsewhere. Just remember everything can be a weapon!


      • I’ve run out of “reply” options for your last comment, but before I go to bed (3.17 am in UK!), I just wanted to say that you are clearly a wonderful and very protective mother, and also, I pity the poor freak who ever tries to mess with you!! LOL.


  3. I can relate to the last part of your post because I experienced the same thing the other night…except I was the one following the lady out of the door of the grocery store. It turned out that our vehicles were parked side by side but I’m certain I made her uncomfortable–unintentionally–as we walk out and I appeared to be following her. To make matters worse we were not parked close to the building. She sort of looked back at me at least twice. I realized the appearance so I slowed my pace. Once I arrived at my car I thought briefly about saying something but thought it may only make matters awkward. Maybe I should buy a hat that says “don’t worry, I’m one of the good guys!” …it would have to be a big hat.


    • So YOU are a creepy guy too?! lol! You don’t look creepy do you?

      Of course we’ve all heard of those charming serial killers…no one suspected them based on the way they LOOKED.

      It did occur to me that the guy could be perfectly innocent, except you know a vibe or paranoia. I watch this cable channel called ID at night. It covers crimes perpetuated by all sorts of people on all sorts of people. Self defense experts do tell us to trust our instincts, all that kicks in sometimes.

      In those types of circumstances, even if someone seems to be following me in a car, I will change my route and see if they still follow when they do, it kind of pisses me off! Hey I’m trying to get away from you, don’t keep following me! To be fair though, there’s a lot of crime in the area where the stores are. Increasingly high rates of one on one types of crime. Perhaps its gang element that has moved into the area coupled with financial stress and the holidays coming up. What seems to happening at an alarming rate, another one today is people entering the interstate on the exit ramp. Today marks the 5th times its happened in two months, each time resulting in death. Its actually quite bizarre since the enter/exit ramps are clearly marked and lite up like a nighttime baseball game. Maybe people are all just slowly going insane.

      At the very least it doesn’t hurt to be careful. As for your hat, THAT is creepy itself. As if wearing a sign that says trust me until I get you into my windowless panel van.


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