Oh No! Co-dependent!?! Me?!

I have come to the realization and understanding that I am a co-dependent sort of person.  Having thought long and hard, researching, reading about co-dependency I have thought back over my life and I know now exactly the point when the seed of co-dependency was planted.

I was about 9 years old.  I was sitting in the family room in our house in Hollywood, California watching TV with my 9 year old twin and the other kids who were also twins, 2 years older.  My father was in Arizona doing whatever that he needed to do to start a business there. Or he could have been in Oklahoma at a family reunion that we knew nothing about…..(story for another day).

We were all watching TV, I don’t remember what show was on and I heard my mother come down the stairs and ask, “can someone please come help me!”  She was wallpapering a room upstairs that was once just the attic but she had converted into a “room”.  My siblings and I ignored her at first.  I think I was the only one who heard her.  She repeated, “Please!  Can someone please help me!”  She had such pleading in her voice and desperation too.  I knew my siblings heard her…they twitched or moved or something so that I knew they heard her, but they pointedly ignored her pleadings.

I couldn’t do that.  She, my mother, was pleading!   So I went.   I got up and went to her.   And then, my life was forever altered.   And not in a good way.



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