About Me!

I am simply trying to find my way in this complicated world.   I use this space to try and get my racing thoughts under control.

I find it helps me to write the thoughts–get them out of my head and onto paper gives me better focus.

Thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Dear Rose, I tried to contact you in another place but I’m getting an error message. If you like, you can email me. My email is on my gravatar.


    • Hi Rose, I didn’t see this comment. It didn’t flash in that little orange thing up in the corner. Well I won’t know what their reactions are (if any! LOL). The thing that I miss most of all about not having the comments, is not seeing people’s answers to the questions that I would put forward. I loved the interactive nature of some posts. But I would feel wrong asking people to leave feedback and then I don’t thank them each personally, and that was taking up a huge amount of time.

      It’s less of a sacrifice to know if people like my post or not because I know that what I write is controversial and some will like it and others will hate it, and that’s fine. I had to let go of something because I was spending almost the whole day blogging one way or another what with writing for the blog, responding to all the feedback on my own blog, reading other blogs, and also leaving feedback for them.

      As you know, I don’t just click “like” and run, and I don’t usually leave one line of feedback. I invest quite a lot of time in “talking” to people on WP, not just writing my blog. It was taking over my whole life. 😦 Things are more manageable now. Not quite as fun, but I had to prioritise because my studies were starting to slip.


    • Well glory be! Welcome back. I know you’ve been “dark” but I just went to your blog earlier and in a FB style of things (poke) I clicked on LET ME SEE your private blog! lmao….or something like that.

      I trust you’ve been well?


      • LOL, yes, I’ve been fine thanks. 🙂 Just needed to make some changes in order to be better able to manage things. We’ll see what kind of reaction it draws …!


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